Coffee Table Books I’m Loving Right Now

favorite coffee table books

I have a mild addiction to coffee table books. Ok, a major addiction. I have stacks of them around the house – piles on bookshelves, dressers, end tables, and yes…even the coffee table. I keep a running list of favorites on Amazon and buy one whenever I need a little creative inspiration. My favorite topics are design and travel, but my wish list includes over 30 different coffee table books on every subject imaginable. I devour them all, reading every detail and drooling over the photos. These are my current favorites.

Habitat, the Field Guide to Decorating – Lauren Liess

Habitat by Lauren Liess Coffee Table Book of Design Inspiration

If you have ever visited Lauren’s blog, Lauren Liess Home, then you know that she has impeccable taste. She blends vintage pieces, natural elements, quirky finds and modern lines into absolute design perfection. I seriously can’t get enough of her gorgeous rooms. So, when Habitat was released in 2015, I had to have it. The book is designed as a field guide for decorating and includes detailed notes on over 25 beautiful, livable homes. Divided into three sections ~ The Fundamental Elements of Design, The Intangible Elements of Design (or Je Ne Sais Quoi), and a Room by Room Guide ~ this is basically a textbook for anyone who wants to transform a space. You will find yourself going back to it over and over. I find a new detail to love every time I pick it up.  

An Eye for Design – Allegra Hicks

An Eye for Design by Allegra Hicks

One of my favorite coffee table books! The cover is absolutely gorgeous, so it is perfect for pretty stacking displays. But, I also find myself reaching for this one whenever I need design inspiration. While there are plenty of drool worthy shots of Hicks’ London home, most of the images are extreme close ups of her fabric designs and the natural elements that inspired them. Hicks is truly an artist and it is fascinating to see how she draws inspiration from things most of us would never notice. How many designers would see a stretch of damaged asphalt and dream up a delicate fabric with a path of crystal embroidery? This book is like a visual primer on the fundamental elements of design. Total eye candy for the creative brain.

Paris in Color – Nichole Robertson

Paris in Color Book

In 2008 photographer Nichole Robertson casually asked her husband if he wanted to move to Paris. His response was “Hell yes. Let’s go”. And, so they did. {I am sooooo jealous of their spontaneity!} While exploring their new home, Nichole became obsessed with photographing the colors of the city. This book is a beautifully curated collection of the best, grouped by color. I love Paris and have some of my coolest life memories there – from spending my college graduation night on the Eiffel Tower to another trip much later in life when we unexpectedly became part of a D-Day anniversary parade up the Champs-Elysees where we stood with the dignitaries under the Arc de Triomphe {stories for another post}. But, I have never noticed the gorgeous details of the city like Roberston captured.

The Bucket List, 1000 Adventures Big & Small – Edited by Kath Stathers

The Bucket List Coffee Table Book

I’ve done 37. A measly 37 out of 1000. That realization both depressed and inspired me.

This is the book for adventure seeking travelers or just photo loving dreamers. Divided into chapters based on latitude, this book takes you around the world in just under 500 pages. While I don’t think I will ever be checking the box next to BASE Jumping off the Eiger in Switzerland (p127), getting to know the Slower-Than-You’d-Believe-Sloth in Costa Rica (p364) is definitely on my list! Of course, Judging a Camel Beauty Pageant in India (p296) sounds like it could be a good time. Time to start booking some flights.

The Authentics – Melanie Acevedo & Dara Caponigro

The Authentics Coffee Table Book

If you are bored with the sameness of the styles endlessly marketed to the masses, The Authentics is that spark of inspiration you need to kickstart your creativity. With the tagline “A lush dive into the substance of style”, this massive book highlights 27 of the most unique artistic visionaries of our time. The list includes architects, chefs, writers, designers, activists, performers, and designers (among others). Beautiful photography takes us inside their homes and insightful interviews give us clues to the bold individuality that make them each utterly authentic.

Elements of Style – Erin Gates

Elements of Style Coffee Table Book

Whether or not you ever crack open this book, the bold black and white striped spine with rich gold text makes Elements of Style the perfect coffee table book for stylish stacking. But, you definitely don’t want to pass up the chance to spend some time in this one. I had actually not visited Erin Gates’ blog by the same name before reading her book. It took me about 32 seconds after opening this book to grab my laptop and find her blog. I spent the rest of the day going back and forth between her ridiculously stylish blog with her totally relatable tone and devouring her uber practical, yet equally chic book. Elements of Style is a textbook for designing a beautiful home, full of gorgeous photos and practical design advice from a best friend…if your best friend was a ridiculously talented designer with a fabulous sense of humor.

Coffee Table Books I\'m Loving Right Now